A Guide to Dining Room Lighting 2019

There are many experts propose the trends in dining room lighting 2019. As dining rooms are an essential part of a house, it should be well-planned so that it will be comfortable for families and friends to gather over a nice meal while keeping in touch with each other life. To help you casting the perfect lighting for your dining space, here we have our favorites lighting styles to choose from.

Casting the Best Dining Room Lighting for Casual Dining

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In creating casual dining vibe in your dining room, you have to pick the right dining room lighting fixtures which are both functional and stylish. It should not be a hard thing to do as today there are many lighting fixtures which come with various sizes, colors and styles to choose from. In creating a friendly, casual atmosphere in your dining space, instead of choosing a light pointing up toward the ceiling, it is more recommended to choose a lighting that points down onto the surface.

Chandeliers for Dining Room Lighting 2019

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When it comes to dining room lighting 2019, we should definitely consider chandelier lighting fixtures which have grabbed many people’s attention nowadays. In choosing the right chandelier for your dining space, it has to be in good proportion to your dining table. A simple formula for this rule is that the minimum chandelier diameter should be approximately 15 cm narrower than the width of the dining table. As in determining the height of the chandelier, just keep in mind that it should not block the view of your dining guests/families.

Pendant Kitchen Dining Room Lighting

stylish dining room lights hanging pendant lights over dining table hanging dining table

For those who are looking for the perfect dining room lighting 2019 for kitchen dining room, pendant lights might be the best answer. Pendant lighting work best for assisting you as you work in your kitchen as the light directly projects down and illuminates the work surface.

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