Bohemian Style Dining Room Lighting Australia

Today, we would like to show you some examples of Bohemian style dining room lighting Australia. For those who are still struggling on how to make your dining room stunning, have a look at these bohemian dining room to get inspired. We will also share how to turn your dining space to a comfortable, chic-looking bohemian room. So, check it out!

Bright Colors and Mixed Patterns

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Bohemian dining room tends to be colorful with mostly bright colors like red, blue and yellow. Usually, the brighter the colors are, the better your bohemian dining room is. As you can see in the picture above, many bright colors are applied. The colorful rug is also used to make a statement underfoot. Furthermore, as you may notice, many patterns are also present in Bohemian style house. The different patterns blend well together as seen in the picture above. In introducing more pattern, a stunning lampshade is also used to create the bohemian dining room lighting.

Natural Elements in Bohemian House

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Bohemian style is not only famous for its colorful ornaments. It is also popular for its natural elements like plants, stone, or feathers. The dining room as shown in the picture is a good example of bohemian style dining room with its natural elements. The greenery in the dining room makes it seems more relaxing and comfortable. As for the bohemian dining room lighting in this example, a simple multi-lights pendant is installed to match the colors of the dining table and the wall ornaments.

Wooden Accents

bohemian dining room lighting 7 beautiful bohemian dining rooms we love home design dining

In creating a bohemian dining space, wood furnishings are often used. Wooden accents gives off a cozy, calming vibe and it also has natural color which is pleasing to the eyes. Usually, wooden furnishings for a bohemian style dining room has unique details. As for the lighting, bohemian dining room lighting with matching color is recommended. Shown in the picture above is a stunning chandelier in brown which matches with the colors of the rest of the furniture.

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