Decorating with Chandeliers: Dining Room Lighting Tips and Tricks

Dealing with chandelier for a dining room lighting can be either easy or tricky. With a great number of chandeliers available, you might want to pick one based on your preference. For those who think of decorating the dining room with chandeliers, here we have some tips that might come in handy.

Choosing Chandelier with The Right Size

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Undoubtedly, it is most important to determine the right size of the chandelier. The chandelier should be neither too big that it feels overwhelming nor too small. You can also consider the size of your dining room lighting chandelier based on the size of the dining table. A simple rule you might follow is by choosing a chandelier with a diameter of 1 foot smaller than the dining table width. Or else, you can browse some ideas online to determine the size of the chandelier which is perfect for your dining space.

Hanging the Chandelier at Perfect Height

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It is essential to hang the chandelier dining room lighting at the right height. As long as the chandelier won’t get in the way as you are having meals, it should be okay. Actually, the rule for this case is simple, the taller the ceiling is, then the taller the chandelier. Commonly, chandeliers are installed at 30 to 36 inches above the dining table. As long as you follow this simple formula, you can get the right height to hang your chandelier.

Balancing the Color Palette and Materials

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When looking for the right chandelier for your dining room, it is recommended for you to consider the color hues and materials used in your dining room. For example, if you want to make the chandelier as the focal point, then you can choose a brighter color while the rest of the dining furniture is in muted colors. Or else, in a dining space with mostly wooden furniture, you may choose chandelier with different materials such as crystal or glass chandelier to make it stand out.



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