Dining Room Chandeliers UK: British Style Dining Room

Dining room lighting in a British style home décor usually has soft, diffused lighting. Thus, wall lamps and floor lamps are usually more favorable. However, it does not mean you cannot create a British style dining room with a dining room chandelier. If you already have a dining room chandelier and want to create an English vibe in your dining room, here we have several tips to help.

Color Shade for British Style Room

english country dining room style english country dining room country decor country decor country home

British style home décor tends to use some color tones, such as light gray, soft cream, antique white, light yellow and other pastel color shades. If you already have your own dining room chandelier, apply those soft colors on the furniture. To create stunning dining room, distribute the soft color shades on ornaments like curtains, kitchen towels and tablecloths.

High Quality Materials

english country dining room style english country furniture style the kitchen the beauty of country photos

It is important to choose high-quality materials for home furnishings including a dining room lighting for your British style home décor. Thus, it is recommended to choose furniture which mainly made of stone, marble, and wood. As shown in the picture, the dining room equips with a sturdy-looking wooden long dining table which goes well with the overall mood of the room. If you are not fond of wooden furniture, you can always opt for something else like marble dining table.

British-style Cookware and Dining Set

British dinner set plates set of 4 main plates cornishware classic british kitchenware image

Last but not least, to create an English style dining room, pay more attention to the cookware and the dining set. To convey the British spirit, old jugs, cups and antique dining utensils can be a good idea. Just make sure that the antique dining set goes well with the dining room chandelier you have. If you are not a fan of antique dining plates with colorful, flowery pattern, opt for something simple like the simple classic diningware as shown in the picture above.

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