Dining Room Lighting Brushed Nickel vs. Brushed Chrome

Nowadays, more people are interested in dining room lighting with different finishes, including the dining room lighting brushed nickel and brushed chrome. Both finishes actually have similar texture and durability level, however, they are not the same. So, what are the differences? If you still have no clue, check out our brief description about the two metal finishes below.

Getting to Know Brushed Chrome and Brushed Nickel Finishes

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Chrome itself can be meant as an element which is used with other substances to create a shiny covering on dining room lighting fixture. Furthermore, it also adds a little extra resistance and hardness. As for nickel, it has high resistance as well, that makes it a prime metal for home fixtures including lighting fixtures. In this case, brushed metal lighting fixtures tend to have a roughened look which seems like a more handcrafted lighting fixture.

The Differences between Brushed Chrome and Brushed Nickel

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Despite sharing similarities in terms of textured look, there are some primary differences between the two. Chrome coating create a slight blue shine which makes the fixtures look more sophisticated ad cool. On the other hand, nickel tends to give a more natural yellowish or whitish look. Thus, the color hues that the two create tend to be different. Another difference is that brushed chrome fixtures has less variety than that of the brushed nickel fixtures.

Choosing between Dining Room Lighting Brushed Chrome and Brushed Nickel

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What are things to consider in choosing the two lighting finishes? The first consideration is choosing the one which appearance suits your taste. As explained above, each of them gives different look. Thus, you have to consider your taste as well as the overall mood in your dining room before choosing which one to buy. Second, set your budget. Generally, chrome is more expensive than nickel. So, selecting the one which suits your budget is also important.

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