Dining Room Lighting Chandelier Size and Height: Step by Step Manual

For beginners, choosing the right dining room chandelier size might be frustrating at times. Furthermore, it is also important to know how to determine the proper chandelier height. To help you the ideal measurement for dining room chandelier size and height, here we have some step by step manual to follow.

Determining the Dining Room Lighting Chandelier Size

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How big should the chandelier be? The answer will depend on the size of the dining room. To determine the right diameter for the chandelier, you should first measure the length and the width of the dining room. After that, just sum the two measurements and change the number to inches. For example, if your dining room measurement in 10’ x 18’, then the ideal chandelier size is 28 inches in diameter.

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You can also determine the size of the dining room lighting chandelier based on the size of the dining table. As a simple formula to follow, it is recommended to have a dining room chandelier with a diameter of one-half to two-thirds the width of the dining table. This rule is perfect especially for those who want to install a single chandelier as the centerpiece of the dining room.

Determining the Dining Room Lighting Chandelier Height

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The second step is determining the dining room chandelier height. In order to get the ideal measurement, you can simply estimate 2.5 inches to 3 inches of chandelier height for every foot of the dining room ceiling. For example, a 24 inches chandelier would be a good dining room lighting height option for an 8 feet ceiling. In this case, the chandelier height will depend on the ceiling height.

However, the mentioned calculation might only work for a dining room with a proportional ceiling height and size. Thus, it might not work for cases like a large dining space with low ceiling or a small dining room with high ceiling.

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