Dining Room Lighting Low Ceilings: Benefits of Flush Mounted Light Fixtures

When it comes to dining room lighting for low ceilings, flush mounted light is still one of the most recommended lights to choose. For you to know more about flush mounted light, here we present you the introduction of the types of flush mounted lights. Furthermore, we also have summed up the advantages of having flush mounted lights for dining room lighting low ceilings.

Types of Flush Mounted Light Fixtures

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Basically, there are two types of flush mounted light fixtures to choose for your dining room lighting low ceilings. The first option of full flush mounted light.  This kind of light is directly mounted to the ceiling and is usually dome-shaped. The light is used mostly for kitchen ceiling lights. Flush mounted light fixtures come with various styles to pick, from the classic minimalist to contemporary style.

semiflush mount dining room light dundee semi flush mount 311 living room lighting lighting room

Another type of flush mount light fixture is semi-flush mount light. Different from the full flush mount light fixtures, semi-flush mount light is not directly mounted to the ceiling. It usually leaves a little gap for around 4 to 8 inches, unlike pendant light which hangs further from the ceilings. Furthermore, semi-flush mounted light serves as a more decorative and is commonly places in kitchens and dining rooms. For a better light, you can pick flush mounted light which is integrated with LED lights.

Benefits of Full and Semi-Flush Mounted Light Fixtures

flush mount dining room lighting dining room flush mount lighting ceiling flush mount lighting

First of all, flush mounted light is perfect for dining room lighting with low ceilings since it doesn’t take much space in the room. Another advantage is that both types provide an adequate amount of light which can be equally allocated throughout the dining room. You can opt for LED flush mount light for bright, nicer light. Moreover, flush mounted light fixtures are easily manageable.

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