Dining Room Lighting Rules: Determining the Right Chandelier Size

There are many dining room lighting rules to follow if you want to find the best lighting for your dining space. However, the rules are varied based on what kind of lighting you are looking for. For those who are thinking of getting a chandelier for their dining area, there are also rules or guide to help you choosing the right one. Below, we have summed up some rules and tips in determining the right size for a dining room chandelier.

Measuring the Dining Space

Determining the Right Chandelier Size how to choose the right size chandelier riverbend home

First of all, measuring the dining space is one of important dining room lighting rules that should not be left out. It would be easier if you are dealing with a new home which has not had any dining furniture yet, because you can match the size of the chandelier and the dining furniture later on.

dining room chandelier consider the width when buying dining room chandeliers

Firstly, this is a simple rule to follow; add the length and the width of the dining space. The number equals to the right diameter size for your chandelier. For an instance, if the length of the dining room 10’ and the width is 14’, then it is suggested to have a chandelier with a 24’ diameter. On the other hand, if you already have a dining furniture including a dining table, it is better to determine the size of the chandelier based on the size of the table. A good rule you can follow is to make your chandelier one-half to three-quarters the width of the dining table.

Casting the Right Light Quality

dining room chandelier warm warm white wooden table chandelier diy furniture pinterest

choosing the right amount of light that your chandelier should cast is another important thing when it comes to dining room lighting rules. You can actually switch the chandelier light level by adding a dimmer switch. By having a dimmer switch, you can adjust the light as much as you need. Further, you can also switch the look of your chandelier based on the seasons throughout the year.

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