Dining Room Lighting Vaulted Ceiling: Opting for The Best Chandelier

One of the benefits of having dining room with vaulted ceiling is it makes any kind of chandelier looks more appealing. In dining rooms with standard ceiling, chandelier is usually placed at between 30 to 34 inches above the surface of the dining table. However, in dining room with vaulted ceiling, the lighting fixture is put higher which creates a fabulous look. To help you opting for the best chandelier, here we have the tips on how to do it right.

The Right Lighting for Dining Room with Vaulted Ceiling

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When it comes to choosing the best chandelier for a dining space, it is a must to pick one which has aesthetic appeal. Hence, when it is placed in the dining area, it will not look out of place. The right chandelier should be in synch with other elements existing in the dining room, be it the dining table, dining chairs, and the overall décor. In a dining space of a mountain lodge, for example, choosing an antler chandelier will be a good idea. However, the same chandelier might not work in an up-to-date contemporary dining room.

The Longer the Chandelier is, The Better It Looks in Vaulted Ceilings Dining Room

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While working with dining room lighting vaulted ceiling, it is suggested to have a chandelier with vertical presence. Since you have spacious room with vaulted ceiling dining area, it is okay to opt for a longer chandelier than that in a dining room with standard ceiling. For an ideal measurement, you just have to make sure that the chandelier should still be around 12 inches narrower that the total width of the dining table.

Layer the Lighting when Necessary

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It might not be enough to only have one chandelier for dining room lighting vaulted ceiling. As the dining room with vaulted ceiling tend to be spacious, a single chandelier might not be adequate to provide light for every corner of the room. You can always choose multiple light chandelier or complete the look with another additional lighting.

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