Getting to Know Dining Room Up Lighting Shades and Down Lighting Shades

Deciding the type of lighting is an important choice when it comes to home décor. Because without the proper lighting, it might ruin other decoration made in the house. As one of the vital parts of a house, a dining room should also get proper lighting. Today, we will review the dining room up lighting shades and down lighting shades to help you getting to know them more. By knowing each of their purposes, you can determine which lighting suits your dining room the most.

Up Lighting Shades

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Up lighting shades are commonly generated from wall-mounted lights and chandelier which can serve as either accent or ambient light. To highlight a specific wall art or a picture in the dining room, a small wall-mounted light with an up shade can be a good idea. For those who want to create a dining room with a soft light can opt for a multi-lights chandelier with up shades.

Down Lighting Shades

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When it comes to dining room down lighting shades, directing the lighting down is usually done to highlight or to direct the light into a particular area. To create a more fixated illumination, the same chandelier can also do it with the downward shades. With downward shades, wall sconces can also produce more focused light. This type of light with downward shade is an effective option for a task light. Other types of lights with naturally downward shades are table lamp, desk lamp and floor lamp.

Dining Room lighting up and down shade how to light a dining room lightology

In determining the nature of the light, directing the light shade is not the only aspect to consider. The shape and the size of the shade should also be taken into account. The different shape and size of the shade can help you in attaining the purpose of the light you desire. For example, if the purpose of the light is to cover up most area of the dining room, then you can pick a large, wide, transparent shades so the light will spread all over the room. As for decorative lighting, colorful shades with unique shape are more recommended.

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