How to Design a Dining Room Lighting Without Chandelier

Unless you want to enjoy your meal in the dark, you will need to add lighting in your dining area. It is common that people always think of what kind of chandelier suits their dining space the most. Nonetheless, some people are not really fond of having chandeliers in their dining area. If you are one of them, no need to worry. Here we have plenty solutions for you which we have briefly summed up below.

A Stylish Floor Lamp to Rock your Dining Area

dining room floor lamp colored dining room floor lamps homedcin


A dining room floor lamp is just a perfect option for rocking a dining room lighting without chandelier. Nowadays, there are plenty options available when it comes to floor lamps. Floor lamps now come with various styles, colors and sizes that allow you to pick one that is suitable for your taste. One biggest advantage of having a floor lamp is that it can be places in nearly every corner of your dining room.

Various Options for Dining Room Table Lamps

dining table with table lamps make your table lamp cords disappear like magic laurel home

Without chandelier, you still can have beautiful dining room with elegant table lamps. Just like floor lamps, table lamps now are available with many styles to choose from. Adding a table lamp in your dining area, you can create a more personalized and refined ambience.

Wall Lights to Complete the Look

dining room wall light contemporary wall light dining room lighting

Wall lamps can always be a good choice when it comes to decorating a dining room lighting without chandelier. When adding layers of light in your dining room, wall lights will never go wrong. As it comes with plenty options, you can choose one which goes well with the rest of the dining furniture. Wall lights also work well when added as a layer light in a dining room with table lamps. With the right arrangement of table lamps and wall lights, you still can create an amazing dining room without chandelier.

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