Ideas on Dining Room Lighting High Ceiling

People might think that dealing with rooms with high ceilings would be easier than those of low ceilings. However, it can be a bit of a challenge too. When it comes to dining room lighting high ceiling, you have to consider several factors so that you will get the right one. For those who are still looking for inspiration for ideas on dining room lighting high ceiling, here we have reckoned of three suggestions which are briefly listed below.

Multiple Lights for a Dining Room with High Ceiling

multiple drum pendant dining room lights dining room pendant lighting ideas how tos advice at lumens images

Dealing with dining rooms with high ceilings, one should know what to do to fill up the space; since rooms with high ceilings seem to be spacious. One way to make it look less empty is by choosing the right dining room lighting. Our first idea on dining room lighting high ceiling is having various lights with different heights or sizes. For example, you want to set up multiple pendant lights with different sizes or to install multiple drum-shaped pendant lights of various sizes.

Two Chandeliers to Fill the Space

two chandeliers over a dining table dining table chandelier two chandeliers set the tone in your dining

Another idea for dining room lighting high ceiling is installing two chandeliers. To fill the roomy spacious of a dining room with high ceilings, you can have two chandeliers over your dining table. The size of the chandelier might depend on the size of the room or the size of your dining table. Rule of the third can be applied here.

Wall Sconces to Layer the Lighting

wall sconces dining room fixture dining room wall sconces bedroom dining room wall sconces table

If you think multiple pendant lights or chandelier are not adequate to provide enough glow in your dining room with high ceiling, then having wall sconces to fill the gap is a pretty good idea. Wall sconces provide soft illumination that can be used to highlight architectural details or wall arts in your dining space.

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