Mapping Out the Dining Room Recessed Lighting Layout

When it comes to mapping out the dining room recessed lighting layout. It would be better to get your sketchbook ready first. It is a good idea to use the blueprint of the room to draw where exactly you want to install the recessed light. Most importantly, you should measure any furniture that is already in the room to correctly scale the blueprint. By doing so, you can picture where exactly the recessed light will be installed.

dining room recessed lighting dining room recessed lighting with fine the ultimate dining room picture

Secondly, you should decide if you want to choose a focal point when you make the dining room recessed lighting layout. As a starting point, it would be better if you know a particular area that needs direct light from the recessed lighting. For example, you may want to directly install the recessed light above the center of the room as it is where the dining table is placed. Or, if you install it above your kitchen, you can place it directly above the kitchen island or the sink.

dining room recessed lighting kitchen dining room lighting lighting for dining room table recessed

The next thing to do in creating the layout of the dining room recessed light is determining the distance of the recessed lights. A simple basic rule to follow is dividing the height of the ceiling by two. For example, if you deal with a dining room with 10 feet ceiling, then the gap of your recessed lights will be around 4 feet apart. However, depending on the purpose of the recessed lights and the type of light you use, you can space the recessed lights closer or further apart.

kitchen recessed lighting kitchen recessed lighting in large room kitchen recessed lighting

Last but not least, it is suggested to avoid shadows in the corners when it comes to installing recessed lights in a dining area. Shadows in the corners can make the room smaller and make the ceiling seems lower. To avoid generating shadows in the corner, make sure that the recessed light is around thee feet away from the dining wall.

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