Online Tips on How to Style Dining Room Lighting

As you may already know, there are endless options when it comes to dining room lighting. The internet makes it better since it helps us to find lighting inspirations and even buy them online. Nonetheless, it can be tricky because you may get confused over so many options. Thus, here we have some tips in lighting your dining room to help you choose the right dining room lighting fixture.

Layers of Light

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For your dining room to be well-lit, layering the light is necessary. Especially when you are dealing with spacious dining area, it helps you to make sure that every spot gets the proper light. A simple formula in layering the light is by including at least two type of light among the three types; ambient, accent and task light.

One Lighting Style in an Open Floor Plan

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In an open floor plan, a dining room is usually connected to kitchen and/or a living room. Thus, there are limited barriers between the rooms. In this case, we suggest you to install the same lighting style in all the rooms to avoid confusion. To make it less plain, you can differentiate the type of light, the colors of the lampshades, or the light fixture to distinguish one room from another.

Directing the Center of Attention

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Usually, people create a focal point in the room by installing one dining room lighting which looks grand or unique. A striking chandelier or gorgeous pendant lights are often used in this case. However, you can also direct the attention to a certain spot in your dining room. For example, you want a family picture or a unique wall art in your dining room to be the focal point. Then, you can install wall sconces or track lighting to highlight whatever you want to be the centerpiece in your dining space.


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