Philippines Distinctive Materials to Complete Dining Room Lights

Philippines is a country which is blessed with natural resources. A lot of people are inspired by the beautiful colors of these natural treasures to make home decoration. As a result, it is common to see home design which is based on the patterns and the colors in this stunning country. If you also want to bring a Philippines vibe into your dining room, have a look at these distinctive materials which are commonly used in Philippines home décor.

Vigan Tiles

filipino dining room with vigan tiles a 150sqm country home with filipino heirloom elements rl

One of the most definite ways to create a Philippine style dining room is by using vigan tiles. Vigan tiles are originated from the Ilocos region which is well-known for their subdued orange color. Nowadays, these tiles are available with different finishes. Furthermore, the color of the tiles gives off a warmth vibe which is suitable for a dining room. To complete the look in your dining room, you may consider having a dining room lighting with similar color tones.

Rattan Furniture

rattan dining furniture milano rattan 4 seater light mango dining set casa bella furniture uk image

Philippines home décor commonly comes with rattan furniture. A good thing about rattan furniture is that it is durable and flexible. In the Philippines, there is a particular method of weaving rattan called solihiya which refers to thin strands of rattan woven into sunburst patters. Solihiya is usually found in the backs and seats of Philippines dining chairs. As it has beautiful natural color, it goes well with any kind of dining room lights you own.

Antique Bricks

filipino dining room antique bricks a filipino style cottage in san pablo laguna rl picture

When it comes to Philippines style dining room, you can leave out its antique bricks. One of good ways to create a Philippines vibe in your dining room is by using antique bricks for the walls. If you do not want the unique bricks to fill up the entire walls, you can always opt for a different idea. Using these bricks for the corners of the walls or only for giving texture is also enough. As the color of these bricks usually has a gray hue, complete the look with a dark color lighting fixture sounds like a nice idea.

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