Planning the Layout of Dining Room Downlight Ceiling Lights

There are some key issues to consider when it comes to designing the blueprint of dining room down lighting. Deciding how many lights installed and where to install them should be planned well to be able to create a stunning downlight which lights the entire room well. So, if you are still wondering on how to plan the layout of your dining room downlights, here are some key issues to take into account.

Crucial, Main Spots

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First of all, you should know where or which spots in your dining room that should get more light than the rest of the space. For example, you want the dining table to be the centerpiece in the dining room, thus you want to highlight it by installing the downlights directly above the table. For those who have kitchen dining room, it might be better to focuses on working space like above the wash basin or the kitchen island.

Shadows around the Edges of the Ceilings

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Shadows around the edges of the ceilings can make the dining room seems gloomier and smaller that it is. It happens when the dining room downlights are too close to the wall. Thus, it would be better to keep the ideal distance between the lights and the walls. It is suggested to space the downlights and the edge of the ceiling at around about 75 centimeters. This ideal distance will not make shadows and will light the whole dining room perfectly.

Adding a Dimmer Switch

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Dimmable dining room downlights allow you to take control over the lighting. Adding a dimmer switch is a good idea as it allows you to customize the brightness level. It also means that you can adjust the brightness to suit the atmosphere you want to bring into your dining space. Thus, instead of a single lighting, you can adjust your downlights to various needs.

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