Rules in Selecting a Dining Room Globe Lighting

Determining a lighting fixture for a dining room can be a bit tricky since we don’t want to pick the wrong one. As a dining space is a place where families and friends usually gather, it should have comfortable vibe. If you are still wondering what kind of light fixtures to put above your dining table, here we propose a hanging chandelier dining room globe lighting. To help you choosing the right one, the rules have been summed up briefly below.

Choosing the Right Size for Hanging Globe Dining Room Lighting

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Size is one of the most important things to consider in choosing dining room globe lighting. When it comes hanging chandelier, the size should be neither too small nor too big compared to the size of the room and the size of the dining table. For example, if you are dealing with spacious dining room, you can add the room’s length and width to decide on the chandelier’s dimension. If you room is 14 ft by 18 ft, then it would be better to have a chandelier with 32-inch diameter. For those who are dealing with dining rooms with high ceilings, you may consider to have two-tier hanging chandelier.

Determining the Overall Dining Room Style

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Usually, a hanging chandelier would be placed over the dining table in the center of the room. Thus, dining room globe lighting will not only function as a source of light, but also as a centerpiece in your dining space. Accordingly, the style of the lighting fixture should match with the overall style of the dining room so that it will blend naturally. If you want to create a rustic dining room style, then you can pick a hanging chandelier with rustic design as well. Another way to make your dining furnishings in synch with the lighting fixture is by matching the colors. If you already have wooden dining furniture which are mostly in brown or white, then you can have wooden brown lighting fixture to complete the look.

Proper Height for Hanging Globe Chandelier

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When dealing with hanging chandelier, it is a must to ensure that the lighting fixture is hung at the proper height. To place it above your dining table, it is ideal to hang it at around 30 to 32 inches above the surface of the table. Naturally, in most cases, the distance between the floor and the bottom of the lighting fixture is about 7 ft.

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