Setting Up Dining Room with Rustic Lighting

There are a number of reasons why the idea of having dining room lighting rustic never gets old! The rustic style has its own charm that makes us cannot get enough of it. It focuses on natural beauty from the unique texture of its materials. Thus, bring the charming rustic style to our dining area will create simple-looking yet elegant vibe. If you are contemplating about how start building your own rustic style dining room, here we have some recommendations on styling the dining room lighting rustic to start with.

Wooden Rustic Lighting

Wooden Rustic Lighting rustic wooden beam industrial chandelier design lighting home pictures

As mentioned earlier, dining room lighting rustic emphasizes on its natural beauty which mainly comes from the texture of the materials. One of the materials that naturally come with unique texture is wood. That is why, having wooden rustic lighting is a good option. The picture above shows an interesting hanging cord lamps which bring out a certain rustic charm. In addition to it, it also creates warm vibe in your dining area.

Adding a Floor Lamp

a Floor Lamp three posts morrisonville 61 floor lamp reviews wayfair images

However, you have to be careful since having wooden rustic lighting might also create heavy and dark ambiance. Therefore, you might want to consider having another source of lighting to brighten up your dining room. For an instance, it might be good to add a floor lamp in one of the dining room’s corners.

Rustic Lighting for Low Ceilings

low dining room hanging chandelier new pendant light over table lighting for dining room intended

Not all of the dining room lighting rustic styles bring heavy and dark vibe, of course. If you are dealing with a dining space with low ceilings, it might be better to have a bright rustic-style lighting so that an additional lighting will not be needed. To help you easily picture that, the picture above shows a good example with bright, big round chandelier. Even with low ceilings, your dining area will still look spacious with the help of bright lighting. In addition to it, the presence of bright big chandelier lamp will cast an amazing glow in your dining area.


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