The Right Height for Installing Dining Room Lighting Above the Dining Table

There are certain basic rules when it comes to determining dining room lighting height above the dining table. However, those rules are not that strict. You still can customize the height based on how much space available in your dining area. First things first, let us review the basic rule for installing a dining room lighting above the dining table.

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The basic rule of dining room lighting height above table is actually quite simple. If you are installing a chandelier or a hanging pendant light, it should be place at around 30 inches above the table, measured from the surface of table to the bottom of the light fixture. This standard rule can be adapted to any dining room. However, the light might still be either too bright or too gloomy, again, depending on how big the dining room is. To avoid the trouble, you can add a dimmer switch to allow you adjusting the brightness of the light.

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The standard rule mentioned above might work well for dining rooms with less than 8 feet ceiling. If you are working with a dining room with a ceiling higher than 8 feet, it means the distance between the light and the table undoubtedly can increase. Usually, you can add additional 3 inches extra for every additional foot of the ceiling height. As long as the lighting fixture will not disturb the movement of the people having dinner, then it should be okay.

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As an important part of your dining room d├ęcor, it is important to place the right lighting fixture at the right height. It might seem tricky to figure out the right height for your lighting fixture. Yet, by following the rules explained above, you can have a comfortable dining space without worrying about the lighting fixture. Just remember to always consider the height of the ceiling and the dining furniture you have.

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