Three Absolute Dining Room Lighting Design Tips

Determining the right dining room lighting is indeed a crucial decision to make because it will influence the vibe in your dining space. As a dining space is a vital part of a house where families usually gather and have a nice chat over an enjoyable meals, arranging a dining room should be well-planned. To help you styling your dining space, here we have summed up some dining room lighting design tips to being with.

Installing a Single Large Pendant Light

a Single Large Pendant dining room Light pendant lighting tips dining room artifact lighting blog

One of dining room lighting design tips we highly recommend is having a single large pendant lighting fixture above a small dining table. Why? This kind of lighting fixture can be a centerpiece in your dining space. Some people might think that it will be troublesome to have a large lighting fixture over a small table. However, as long as you pick the right style, it should go just well.

Odd Numbers for Multiple Pendant Lights

dining room light multiple pendant light elegant cascade pendant lightcascade pendant light lovely luxury

As we talk about dining room lighting design tips, here is one of the most essential suggestions we made. If you are not fond of large pendant light, then you can always go with multiple pendant lights; just make sure they are in odd numbers. For example, you have a long wooden dining table, then you can place a row of three or five pendant lights over the table. This idea of installing a multiple lights always work best to create elegant, yet friendly ambience.

Track Light Fixtures for Accent or Task Lights

track lighting dining room attractive track lighting over dining room table track lighting

If you are looking for an accent or a task light for your dining room, we recommend you to have track lighting fixture. Track lighting is the kind of light fixture which is attached to a ceiling or walls. Thus, it is very directional; means that you can direct the light to a particular direction or space in your dining room.

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