Types of Dining Room Chandeliers You Can Get at Lowe’s

The main function of a dining room chandelier is as a means of providing overall lighting in a dining space. However, it is still important to get one which is looking stunning and works well with the rest of the décor. It is supposed to be easy to find one since now there are many different styles of chandeliers available. To help you getting to know the available types, here are the dining room chandeliers you can get at Lowe’s.

The Popular Chandeliers with Shades

Lowe's Chandeliers with Shades chandeliers lighting fixtures lowe lighting center

The first option is the most common type of chandelier; chandelier with shades. At Lowe’s, there are many options of chandelier shades you can choose from. The various options allow you to choose one which matches well with the overall mood of your dining room décor. The chandelier shades available include varied designs of glass shades and fabric shades.

Elegant Tiered Chandeliers

dining room lighting tiered chandelier round gray oak dining table with cream leather dining chairs

For those who are looking for dining room chandeliers at Lowe’s with grand presence, you can consider the tiered chandeliers. A three-tier or four-tier chandeliers works best for those who want to create a luxurious entryway. Thus, this type of chandelier is suitable for modern or luxurious dining room décor. However, if you think that three-tier chandelier will be too much, you can opt for two-tier chandelier which is quite simple, yet is still elegant.

Decorative Crystal Chandeliers

lowes dining room crystal chandelier lowes crystal chandelier luxury dining room chandeliers lowes new


Crystal Chandeliers tend to be used as a decorative lighting and is one of the chandeliers loved by many people. For a stylish look, you can opt for crystal chandeliers which consist of a number of crystals combined with lampshades. With just enough sparkle, the crystal chandelier will neither be too excessive nor too ordinary.

The Adaptable Reversible Chandeliers

reversible pendant chandelier reversible 35 light macaroon chandelier light with cylinder shade images

Looking for adaptable chandeliers? The reversible chandeliers might be a good solution. As the name suggests, this type of chandeliers allows you to style the arms, whether to face them up or down. This feature also lets you to set the light for ambient or for task lighting.


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