Valuable Tips on Dining Room Lighting Fixtures by Joanna Gaines

Determining the kind of dining room lighting can be a little bit confusing for some people that they need some helping hand. Thus, here we have a list of valuable tips on how to work on dining room lighting fixtures by Joanna Gaines. With these tips from the former Fixer Upper star, taken from an issue of Magnolia Journal, be ready to get know further the following lighting fixtures.

Chandeliers: The Well-Known Lighting Fixture

chandelier dining room light galilee lighting custom hand crafted art glass chandeliers pictures

Chandelier has been one of the most popular lighting fixtures which is famous for its stunning styles. As you choose chandelier for your dining room lighting fixture, Joanna Gaines has a tip on determining the size of the chandelier. For an ideal dining room lighting, she suggests you to have a chandelier which is around 12 inches narrower than the dining table. This formula is useful to help you deciding the right size for your chandelier, so that it won’t be neither too big nor too small for the room.

Stylish yet Functional Pendant Lights

pendant lights dining room pendant lighting over 1000 hanging lights in stock lightsie

Pendant lights are famous for the beautiful styles without losing its functionality. Therefore, this type of lighting fixture is one of the most recommended options when it comes to dining room lighting fixtures. Regarding the pendant lighting fixture, Joanna suggests you to hang a cluster of pendant lights above the dining table to create a sculptural centerpiece.

Surface Mount Lighting for Small Space

surface mount small dining room light flush mount and semi flush mount buying guide picture

For those who have small space dining room, a surface mount is a great option for the dining room lighting fixture. The surface mount comes in flush and semi-flush mount lighting fixtures to choose from. This type of light is famous for its suitability for small dining room. In working with this lighting, Joanna suggests to consider brass and glass light for a traditional house and the factory light with metal shade for a more modern space.

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