Varieties of Dining Room Lighting at Pottery Barn

A lighting fixture is not only installed as a means of lighting in a dining room, it can be a decorative item as well. Furthermore, it affects the way a dining room appears. Thus, it is important to pick the right lighting fixture to build your dream dining room. To start with, you can review the types of dining room lighting at Pottery Barn.

Chandeliers; the Iconic Dining Room Lighting

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Chandelier has been one of the most popular options when it comes to dining room lighting at Pottery Barn. This type of lighting is a great option which is both functional and decorative. As chandeliers come with variety of styles, the options are numerous. Furthermore, chandeliers also are available in many different materials, from natural material like wood to sleek metal. Another benefit of chandeliers is that it provides adequate light to the dining room so you don’t always have to add any other lighting.

Task Dining Room Lighting

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As the name implies, the function of task lighting is mainly used to highlight a certain spot. This type of dining room lighting Pottery Barn provides directional light. Thus, task light is usually used in kitchen counters, desks, or some work areas. If you have kitchen dining room, this task light is useful to highlight specific work areas in the room. Varieties of task lighting include table lamps, wall-mounted task light and ceiling-mounted track light.

Ceiling Dining Room Lighting

Task Dining Room Lighting Pottery Barn special pottery barn pendant lights beblicanto designs photos

Last but not least, there are also ceiling dining room lighting you can get in Pottery Barn. This type of light is directly fixed to the ceiling. Varieties of ceiling lighting include flush-mount, track lighting and recessed lighting. These practical lighting options are good to provide sufficient light to the dining room. To create a stunning dining room, you can match the colors of the ceiling light fixtures with those of your dining furniture.

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