Victorian Dining Room Lighting Inspiration

Except you want to eat in the dark, it is necessary to equip your dining room with a lighting. In order to have a striking dining space, the lighting should go along well with the dining furnishings. If you live in a Victorian house, then having a Victorian dining room lighting is a must, in order to create a stunning dining space. Back then, Victorian style house in the first fifty years of the Victorian period was equipped with gas lights. As for the dining space, a gas chandelier was usually installed to lighten the room.

Which Lighting Fixtures Work Best for Victorian Dining Room Lighting?

victorian wall sconces dining room getting inspired ten appealing victorian dining table ideas

Nowadays, as the electricity has become available, the fixtures for Victorian dining room lighting have become more varied as well. To determine what kind of lighting fixture fits best your Victorian dining room, it is a must to get the right measurement of the space. By getting the right size of the space, you can determine how big your chandelier will be. If you think that a single pendant chandelier light will look boring, you can opt for something more like multiple light chandelier.

A Mixture of Varied Lighting Fixtures

victorian wall sconces dining room victorian wall sconces wall sconce lighting bellacor photo

Usually, Victorian dining space is more spacious and has higher ceiling compared to standard dining space. Thus, it might not be enough to only have one lighting fixture above the dining table. In providing adequate light to the space, it is always a good idea to add wall sconces or table lamps on the sideboard. To know where to put the wall sconces, you can put extra attention to the unique details of the room or any stunning ornaments you want to highlight. Besides wall sconces and table lamps, you can also add candles sticks on your dining table to complete your Victorian dining room lighting.

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